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is looking for Deni Aurelius Class of 1970

Would love to see you the next time I am in Vermilion!

is looking for Bill Colomam Class of 1969

Does anyone know where Bill is at? He was one of my bestfrieds and would love to find him.

is looking for Diane Edwards Class of 1969

Trying to find you, I don't put much faith in this crap. Tom Jones

is looking for Jimmy Hall Class of 1982

I am trying to locate Jimmy, since we go along way back, I believe it was as far back as 1st grade at South Street Elementary School...If by chance some one from the Class of 1982 knows where he is at and directs hom to this site, please have him e-mail him @ pouloswt@yahoo.com Thanks: William T. Poulos Vermilion High School Class of 1982

is looking for Junichi Kuritani Class of 1988

Hi Junichi, remember me? Tried your last known e-mail several times. Didn't reply. Try jbaldus@gmx.de

is looking for Linda Martin Class of 1979

wnted to say hi......

is looking for Kathy Mcdaniel Class of 1971

kathy i have been trying to find you for ages i found robin she is living in north carolina i would love totalk toyou

is looking for Diane Mey Class of 1975

Remember Field Day at Ehove?? Been looking for you. I am on facebook, look me up.

is looking for Katie Stritmarther Class of 2008


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